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If you could use your body, in the afterlife, to help revive an extinct variety of plant or tree, would you and why.

Aside form the obvious reasons to do away with our current memorial funeral process, what reasons are there not to adopt a more reasonable, affordable, longer more sustainable process. One that actually gives back to the earth and provides nutrients for the existence of a species long after you are gone.

1. Would you consider it for spiritual reasons, scientific or environmental?

2. What type of plant life or tree species would you like to support and why?

3. What region are you from? Are there endangered indigenous plant life you would like to protect?


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    Apr 2 2013: I don't believe in after life. But my body is made up of elements recycled from nature so that way I may have come partly from a plant or tree and may, after I go back to the elements again, form parts of a plant and tree. In fact that would be nice. :)
    • Apr 2 2013: It is a comforting thought that we may continue on in another life form on a molecular level, somewhat reassuring, knowing your (energy,chi,spirit) will continue on the way nature and the cosmos intended. Thank you for reading my post.

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