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If you could have a chance to redo your life, what would you do?

There is a saying, "Regret always comes late."
Everyone has regret. Thus, many people always ask, "Why all of this happens? Why did I do this? Oh, if only I could have a second chance." These questions always come to us frequently.
Well, although this question doesn't make sense as we can't redo our life, I am just curious about your answers.


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    Apr 2 2013: Force myself to finsh Painting-class.

    Force myself to continue to play the violin .

    Force myself to form a habit that i can stick to every single minds of my own .

    Force myself to read books .

    Force myself to be confident .

    Now i think should be supposed to experience a despotism childhood .

    But at that eage ,I definitely couldn't understand what i think of nowadays.

    Just like regret the choices decided the other day.

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