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Animlas and birds perform necrophilia to attempt to bring the dead back to life?

I believe when a female elephant is dying,she is escorted and helped by 2 other elepahants & when near death a male bul elephant will have sex with her in an attempt to revive her?

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    Apr 6 2013: Then what was the purpose of the moose copulating with the bronze statue of a bison or a frog engaging in oral sex with a live goldfish? Let's not over-rationalize animal behavior. I think, they just want to have sex, and the object does not really matter. I don't see any deeper meaning in all of this.

    The lesson is for us. Since I've read Moeliker's paper about a year ago, it comes to my mind every time someone uses terms "natural" or "unnatural".
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    May P

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    Apr 6 2013: If anyone is interested, Kees Moeliker's 2001 report on the case of the mallard duck can be found here:
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      Apr 6 2013: Both have to do with sex drive. That's about the only commonality I can see.

      If they were related, you would see a tendency to necrophilia in most homosexuals and a tendency to homosexuality in most necrophils.
  • Apr 2 2013: My Book of British Birds informs that'most female birds have ovaries, left one producing eggs and right remains small. Should working ovary become diseased or damaged, right one will become testis, a male reprductive organ'.
    As stange as necrophilian homosexual Duck. Or could the two oddities be related?
    It's a Ducks Life! Any comments welcome please.
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      Apr 7 2013: How do you conclude that homosexuality is related to necrophilia from observing a necrophiliac homosexual duck? By that logic we can relate ducks to both homosexuality and necrophilia and associate Kees Moeliker with these things as well because he wrote a paper about it.
  • Apr 2 2013: Many human decisions are emotional - The justification comes later. The animals you are mentioning vary widely in intelligence. On Aggression talked about homosexuality among geese, but remember some males mount other males to signal victory or show higher status.
  • Apr 1 2013: I saw it on a BBc wildlife documentary years ago,a female was dying,the 2 strongest bull elephants shouldered each side of her to keep her upright & a bull tried to have sex with her.Actually it was incredibly moving. My friend wondersif this ted talk is an April fools! Although myself and a friend experienced crows attacking our windows all summer (she lived a few miles away).The explanation was attacking their reflections,but it was spooky!
  • Apr 1 2013: Never heard that one before. I do know they grieve & will put dirt & leaves over the dying elephant. They have done the same to humans on a few occasions too.