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Is comparing to each other good or bad?

I read Sir Ken Robinson's book "The Element". In that book there was a section "Does size matters?" maybe in chapter 3. So, in that part he discussed that in spite a person lack something that doesn't mean that he/she is not good enough. I thought he was right and nowadays we do scaling almost all the time. It is pretty dangerous it is leading to several crimes. Like a child killed his friend in India because his friend got better marks than him. I think parents should play a major role in these things. They should not compare their kids with other's. It's not the only case there are many of them.


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    Apr 3 2013: Comparing is done all of the time. Some subtle and some not so subtle. Grades themself is a comparison of top to bottom .. best to worse, the school you go to, the degree you achieve, the job you get, the cloths you wear, the watch you select, the neighborhood you can afford, the car you drive, etc ...

    In the past religion, race, gender, heritage, clubs were determining factoers in your success in life.

    Perhaps what you refer to a some of both scaling and a form of bullying / taunting.

    Teachers, parents, and students are all to blame. Have you seen the bumper stickers that say my kids is a honor student ... or my son can kick your honors students ass ... even vanity license plates can tick me off. Some kids have "special" time with a special education teacher and are let out of their class to attend .. how this occurs could "mark the student for life" in his neighborhood. When the teacher asks for class responses how she accepts or denies the response is important. Recognition is important but not at the expense of "excluding" all the rest ... the halo or pedestal for achievers cause seperation and resent.

    Parents comments, attitudes, and biases are very influential. At the lower grades kids all like each other and accept that Jonny is faster, Jane is taller, etc ... but as time goes on they begin to group ... cliques are formed ... acceptance and rejections occur.

    The question is ...Is it good or bad. Probally both. Those who pose a threat to society should be isolated, etc ... However, IMO ... the most important thing is how the individual can learn and grow ... or if the result is devistating and cause physical and mental harm.

    It is also important to understand limitations and expectations ... be realistic. When the ego gets crushed the road back may be long and hard.

    I wish you well. Bob.

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