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Is comparing to each other good or bad?

I read Sir Ken Robinson's book "The Element". In that book there was a section "Does size matters?" maybe in chapter 3. So, in that part he discussed that in spite a person lack something that doesn't mean that he/she is not good enough. I thought he was right and nowadays we do scaling almost all the time. It is pretty dangerous it is leading to several crimes. Like a child killed his friend in India because his friend got better marks than him. I think parents should play a major role in these things. They should not compare their kids with other's. It's not the only case there are many of them.


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    Apr 2 2013: Imagine comparing yourself to a hobo. That would be a big injustice! In a similar way, comparisons should only be made between people who have the same lot in life. In that way, the comparisons serve as a morale booster or progress checker.

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