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Do we truly know anything?

this is a pretty straight forward question is there anything (examples wanted) that we truly understand everything about down to its smallest components?


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  • Apr 5 2013: It depends on how you aproach reality. Human perception is flawed because if you dont believe in god you also dont believe the universe was tailored for us, meaning instead of a universe that was laid down for us to understand it, we are merely lower life forms strugling to understand a bit of the universe that is avaiable to our perceptions.

    So, there are two paradigs: the universa was made for us, which means we can truly understand everything about it, or we are just a part of the universe, and are strugling to understand part of it through our limited ressources.

    I believe in the second idea. Now, people say we have five senses. Those are the ways we can perceive reality. For example, light is the perceive spectrum of certain eletromagnetic waves that can be transformed into neurological impulses through our eyes. Yet we are able to perceive waves that cant be seen through our eyes by using technology. Technology enabled us to experience things that we wouldnt be able to with just our natural senses.

    Now, has technology enabled us to perceive every single detail of something down to its smallest components? I doubt so. Will we be able to in the future? I also doubt it. There are probabily truths in the universe that we humans will never know about, no matter how much science and technology develops.
    • Apr 5 2013: Yes this is very true.. now i truly believe that there is a point when technology is so highly advanced you simply become god but humans as the species we know will not. Also for all we know in 300 years genetic engineering will have changed us into an entirely different species.

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