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Are we rewarded or punished for our actions?

There is no reward or punishment for our actions, it is only consequences. Or there is an external force which decides rewards and punishments.

Is there any external agency which rewards or punishes us? In our eyes they may seem to be rewards and punishments , actually they may be just consequences. Not necessarily every good act is rewarded and a bad one punished. Do you believe in concept of heaven and hell after death? Yes, if we do good generally as a consequence good things happen to us most of the time but not always and vice versa.


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  • Apr 5 2013: I would say that rewards and punishments, excluding those obviously designed by humans as incentives and deterants, are a matter of perspective. I do not think an external agency is rewarding or punishing us based on their values.
    Concerning the afterlife, I do not believe that one can give exact physical description of heaven or hell as one does a lounge in a building. I do consider our consciousness greater than our body, and would like to believe that it is not limited to our lifespan.
    Consider this possibility, If after death your consciousness remains, the outlook towards experience that you built over the course of your life would possibly be all you were aware of. If you hated throughout your entire life, and as hate breeds hate, you will probably have a hate filled outlook toward whatever is next, making it pretty unbearable. If you look at everything with love, patience, and understanding, perhaps the love you experience after the death of your body will be limitless. Even if this isn't true of the afterlife, its a pretty apt rule for how life in the meantime will go.

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