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Are we rewarded or punished for our actions?

There is no reward or punishment for our actions, it is only consequences. Or there is an external force which decides rewards and punishments.

Is there any external agency which rewards or punishes us? In our eyes they may seem to be rewards and punishments , actually they may be just consequences. Not necessarily every good act is rewarded and a bad one punished. Do you believe in concept of heaven and hell after death? Yes, if we do good generally as a consequence good things happen to us most of the time but not always and vice versa.


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    Apr 2 2013: There is no external force which decides rewards and punishments for our actions. The only externality that matters is our environment or nature and it is a cold, mindless, relentless process that tolerates no excess - if we can cope we are in the race, if not we are eliminated.
    Through many actions, mistakes, guidance and advice we slowly learn that a set a of actions increases our chances of faring in the environment, be that society or nature. If you ask which set, well, there is no defined range but just a kind of probability density of favorable options. We call that righteousness.
    And this righteousness can vary so dramatically over time that actions for which human beings are lauded now can be despised at a later date or were lauded in the past can be despised today. Nothing can escape this grind - not religion, ethics, morality, laws and customs.
    In this mirage, we come, live, love, fight, hate, fail, dream, hope and go in flashes like meteors leaving a trace of our destiny and then the mirage erases it.
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      Apr 3 2013: Pabitra Hi, neither there is a race nor there is survival of the fittest. It s only consequences of your actions.
      If you can uderstand Hindi, following is a nice thought in the form of poetry
      Jis rah ki manjil TERA milan ho, us par kadam mein baraoon.
      Phoolon mein , Kharo mein Pat Jhar baharon mein , mein na kabhi dagmagaoon.

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