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What is this product's resistance to abrasion?

the treatment has a great appeal for fabrics, but what happens with abrasion?

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    Apr 23 2013: I think in application for fabrics, super dry is too dry. The fabric becomes more like a wetsuit—rubbery. I own a raincoat that uses a protection like this and it was very costly, and more flexible.. so it is probably not super dry, but more in the 130 degree range.
  • Apr 3 2013: I am very interested in its industrial applications, but as the OP has questioned, I would need to know how easily this stuff "rubs off". For my application to work, very heavy and abrasive materials would need to have little effect on the coating.
  • Apr 2 2013: I still have many questions. I was impressed by this product, but what does it do to the environment>