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What did the war on Iraq by USA achieve ??

War on Iraq by USA stating Iraq had nuclear / biological arsenal has killed / injured / shattered thousands of life's (including thousands of US Soldiers). Finally USA did not find any arsenal.

Do majority world leaders really want peace?? Or Do They want to protect their own business interests??

Are majority world leaders using common citizens to promote their own selfish interests??

If a democratically elected country (USA) can destroy thousands of human life's by waging a war for false reasons what can other countries do??


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    Apr 1 2013: "Peace" and "democracy" are used to sugar coat exploitation and control. Saddam wasn't obedient, so George W.'s administration removed him and made an example. That's one less disobedient dictator and a show for Iran. An Iran-American war has been long in the making, and the events today are absolutely rooted in the past.

    In 1941 Allied forces overthrew the Shah of Iran to secure the Trans-Iranian Railway and the oil fields. The Shah was Axis friendly and the railroad was needed to share supplies between the US and USSR. He went into exile and was replaced by his son, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, who unlike his father chose to cater to the West. Britain and the USSR occupied Iran during the war, and afterwards it was given democratic independence. Iran was one of our early forced democracies, which we interesting enough overthrew a second time to implement a dictatorship.

    In 1951, Iran's democratically elected Prime Minister (with near-unanimous support from their Parliament) nationalized their oil fields. At that time Iran's oil was controlled by BP (then the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company). Eisenhower and Churchill led a coup d'├ętat, overthrew the democratic government and replaced the Prime Minister with a Nazi (Fazlollah Zahedi). We reinstated our US-backed Shah and Iran was a loyal dictatorship until 1979.

    The overthrow of Iran's government in 1979 is the event most people are familiar with. Our Shah was disposed and an anti-US republic took power. This set the stage for our work with Saddam - his party (the Ba'athists) opposed the new regime in Iran and the Iraq Communist Party. We supported him during the Iran-Iraq War, then the Bush administration chose to dispose of him. They failed and waited for Clinton to leave office, then had another go.

    The Middle East, since the fall of the Ottoman Empire, has been repeatedly shaped by Western powers and ruled by dictators that secured their power by succumbing to Western interests. The propaganda will say what it needs.

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