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What did the war on Iraq by USA achieve ??

War on Iraq by USA stating Iraq had nuclear / biological arsenal has killed / injured / shattered thousands of life's (including thousands of US Soldiers). Finally USA did not find any arsenal.

Do majority world leaders really want peace?? Or Do They want to protect their own business interests??

Are majority world leaders using common citizens to promote their own selfish interests??

If a democratically elected country (USA) can destroy thousands of human life's by waging a war for false reasons what can other countries do??


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  • Apr 1 2013: Democracy Puts a HUGE responsibility on citizens of the country to select leaders who have have the foresight. Unfortunately Citizens are ill equipped to take the decision as Information flowing to them is managed by media managers of Rich people. Elections are managed / rigged by huge amounts of money which a normal citizen cannot even imagine exists.
    This manipulations & influenced of citizens happen in all countries from Developed to Developing.
    What is the solution ??????

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