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What did the war on Iraq by USA achieve ??

War on Iraq by USA stating Iraq had nuclear / biological arsenal has killed / injured / shattered thousands of life's (including thousands of US Soldiers). Finally USA did not find any arsenal.

Do majority world leaders really want peace?? Or Do They want to protect their own business interests??

Are majority world leaders using common citizens to promote their own selfish interests??

If a democratically elected country (USA) can destroy thousands of human life's by waging a war for false reasons what can other countries do??


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    Mar 31 2013: Democracy is thought (by the most vocal of global voices) to be the best form of government and the most ideal for civilised society.
    Now, if this is true, and the best and most civilised of human society have brought about the scale of destruction in Iraq; then the evils of the good to worst of these forms of government would be better imagined than experienced.

    I pray for a peaceful world. And I hope that I'm not alone in this.
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    • Apr 1 2013: I don't think that Democracy has ever claimed to be a peaceful form of government. Democratic nations are still nations, and all nations have their own interests and are willing to be violent to protect their interests.
      Now as for the evils of "worse" governments, in all honesty it depends on the people in charge. Take, for example, Dictatorship you could end up with Hitler or you could end up with Cincinnatus, all Democracy allows is a choice between them. A Democracy could still choose Hitler and that government could commit horrific acts.

      P.S. I'm not saying that Bush was Hitler; Hitler was just used as an example.
    • Apr 1 2013: There would be rich corporations / people who would be exploiting majority - be it democracy or otherwise. Guess our society is naturally made up to work in this manner.

      Hope exploiters stop short of promoting violence / killing.
    • Apr 5 2013: I think the US is more a Plutocracy than a Democracy.

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