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Are you living before you die? Are you living off your passion?

Hello Ted world! It's great to be back again! Recently, I have been doing some soul searching, thus, I have been asking myself a lot of questions. And when I ask myself deep questions like that, I like to ask other people the same questions to sort of, if possible, look at things from a different perspective, and in the process learn about people. I have talked to a lot of people lately, especially adults. I am 17 by the way. I have talked to all my teachers, parents of friends, went to a retirement home to talk to some much older adults there. And before I share some of what I've learned over the months. I really wanted to get your opinion. So if you don't mind, I would more than appreciate if you could please answer these following questions. I want you to be as honest as possible. If you feel uncomfortable doing so in public, but still would like to share, please, feel free to email me: fonkoudjoendia@yahoo.com.
The questions:
1- Do you believe that you have a purpose in life?
2- If so, what is your purpose?
3- What are 2 things that you regret?
4- What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?
5-What are some of the things holding you back in life?
6-What is your definition of success?
Don't have to answer all the questions, however, I would love it if you did, but don't have to!
THANK YOU SO MUCH! :) Can't wait to read all the answers!


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  • Apr 3 2013: 1-2 i don't know a specific one but if I have to choose I'd say changing the world and looking out for every single person around me at every time

    3- so far I haven't made any choices in my life I regret or would change since I am happy with the outcome of where I am now

    4- if I knew I couldn't fail... Depends on what I am trying to achieve if it is really important I wouldn't even bother trying to fail...

    And if I try to fail and still succeed at the thing I am doing I failed myself but if I can't fail neither can I fail myself or the objective so its not really possible to do this one...

    5- death is holding me back from a lot of things in life and I have no wishes to explore what's in death at this point and try to do everything I can if I had the money

    6- definition of success... I would feel successful if I changed the way of life of a lot of people and let them make the most out of their life without getting recognized by people or honored because of doing so. (A goal nearly impossible but certainly worth trying)

    And to get back at the title if I knew what comes after death...

    Perhaps life is just to get enlightened in at the point of death and no return all the puzzle pieces of this life fall together and you'll find a purpose in being in another state of life?

    Certainly no fear of death when the time comes I'd be too curious on what's behind the so called light people see.

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