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Increasing our intelligence level.

Instead of creating intelligent machines we itself can make ourselves more intelligent because by increasing our level of intelligence we can do many things , for eg: animals can't understand how a clock works or why rises in the east ,since we are able to understand these kinds of principles, we have brought up this much technological growth in the world .So by making us more intelligent we are able to understand more things that are not understood by current level of intelligence and also this will change our way of leaving.This is my doubt and also my research interest please tell me whether this is right or wrong.

  • Mar 31 2013: humans have made ourselves more intelligent by producing thinking machines example-calculators increase efficiency of human calculations letting us use our full mind on more complex ideas not done by the calculators and perhaps our technology will improve our minds eventually by adding technology to the brain itself improving them
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    Mar 31 2013: Over the decades people have gotten more intelligent, according to measures people use for this purpose. One of the TED 2013 speakers, a scientist from New Zealand whose name I cannot remember, shared that it is specifically in the area of critical thinking that intelligence has increased over time.

    Practice in critical thinking, particularly as applied to increasingly complex problems, builds capacity.

    While I have no precise reference for you on the point of this pathway for increasing the sort of intelligence connected to application, as this is your research interest, I would recommend to you as an excellent resource Cambridge Handbook of the Learning Sciences. I am fairly certain that resource addresses my point.
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