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What do people see for the future in terms of relationships and sexuality?

Over the past twenty years, with such a dramatic increase in new technologies, it seems that human relationships have also taken some interesting turns. As the world gets more complex, so do our relationships.

As an author in this field, I am astounded by the number of people who - regardless of our new abilities to communicate with each other - seem lost when it comes to connecting with other people. Oh, the questions they ask!

Therefore, I want to know what people see in terms of marriage - what will it mean or "be" in the future? What will people be doing in terms of monogamous vs. non-monogamous relationships, i.e. will we see an increase in alternate sexual lifestyles? What about sexual preference? How will people classify themselves in terms of sexuality - ex. heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual - and will these ratios be different than they are now? And what about intimacy, like will we still know how to embrace it? Or will we all be having sex with robots? OK, that last bit is a joke, sort of. Certainly, any thoughts on the subject would be welcome.


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    Apr 3 2011: Whilst people seem to be more open in their virtual world, there seems almost a set back in face to face communication and relationship skills. Maybe the skill level is growing for managing multi-relationships virtually (FaceBook)- but does this impact monogomy? I don't know! I definitely think the classifications will become less important. I am just producing another sexual education video right now (Herpes the Secret is Out) and in a section where we were planning to have a male and female 'model' animation we now have 6 models - 2 female, 2 male as well as the usual male and female.
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      Apr 5 2011: I agree that with all this new technology, we are obliged to get better at managing multi-relationships. I do think sometimes people may be stretching themselves too thin though. More isn't always better, but try telling a teenager that, right? Interesting about the video. Certainly, our relationship circles tend to involve more people these days. I think we live in a world where we take what we can even if we don't need it and discard things too easily. We are bored easily and I think technology, as great as it is, plays a role in this. Just my opinion though.

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