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Why are "genetically modified foods" getting all kinds of push back from many sides including the EU?

Genetically modified foods are becoming more and more available. Most of the modern foods are modified provide more and better product such as rice, corn, wheat and now even salmon have been modified to achieve market size faster that before. The published complaints seem to suggest that these foods are somehow tainted and there is no knowledge of future problems. Besides, the modifiers are large multinational corporations that have evil intent.
But hasn't mankind always been modifying something. We took a wary wolf some 10000 years ago and now we have toy poodles. Wheat, corn, rice are not like today from what it was just a few hundred years ago.
In the past, breeders/botanists would make multiple generations to get the desired results. Today, technology can make changes is one or two replications.
Could these GMF cause hair to fall out or some serious medical crisis and how do we know that? Or is it just the fear of change?.


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  • Mar 30 2013: I'm not really afraid of genetically altered foods. Seedless grapes are genetically altered. I guess going old school would be the best way to go if any bodies really worried about it.
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      Mar 30 2013: Do you think grapes evolved only for human consumption? Also, do you think seeds in grapes are just stupid natural freaks to hinder your culinary pleasure?
      • Mar 30 2013: What?! Are you serious? If any thing were to be freakish, it's the seedless grape. The whole idea of a seedless fruit is some what crazy. When humans are gone soon after so will Thompson seedless and any other genetically altered seedless fruit. I don't know why grapes evolved the way they did but they sure do taste good.

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