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Uniting Korea

Hi! i am a south korean student. and how shoud we unite Korea? give ideas please


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    Apr 7 2013: First should we? I understand that its something alot of families are suffering over with relatives trapped on one side or the other, and I know that the North is a to put it mildly unpleasant regime. However I have seen some wonderful things from S Korea, and I have to wonder as a American, if perhaps the close and constant threat of tyranny has given S Korea the will power to pursue democracy in such a more complete way than the US. I think that the only way that the north would rejoin the south would be thru war and war between 2 well mechanized modern armies is something to dread. On the third? fourth? hand? I could see the North being overthrown from within and perhaps the die hards retreating to some northern providence and holding out for another generation while the rest of the country just sort of put up with them till they died out.

    Okay though seriously? If you decided to end the Korean War and reunite the north with the south, the way to do it would be to present the USA and China with some sort of strong incentives to topple the North. The Chinese would have to not only not oppose the west but would have to aid the west in the regime change. Then I think you'd have to allow the north to be administered by the UN as a protectorate for awhile to insure that the reunion was done in a way that allowed the north to adjust to and not be taken advantage of by the S. Koreans or foreigners. A Chinese naval base in both north and south Korea, one on the east coast and one on the west would probably help win them over. For the USA? well we are always for sale, the north must have under developed rescources that some company in the US would want and Its the companies interests in the USA that you need to consider not the peoples.

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