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Uniting Korea

Hi! i am a south korean student. and how shoud we unite Korea? give ideas please


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  • mary T

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    Apr 7 2013: Hi, Wonjun Jeong. I'm not sure I understand the purpose. What is the benefit to South Korea to uniting with North Korea? I get that it is vitally important to remove the threat of war. Is uniting of the Koreas the only way to achieve that goal? Does North Korea have anything within its borders or culture that would benefit South Korea?

    I think the best way to seduce someone into being on my side is to give gifts. Is it possible to smuggle or air drop food, clothing, books, etc. into the country, so that the people come to desire the things that South Korea has to give? Is North Korea open at all to allowing cultural exchanges?

    Penetrating the environment of an adversary, introducing pleasant attractions to divide the loyalties of the subordinates, and being open to learning what, if anything, would flow as a benefit from them to you -- those are the broad ideas I have.

    Best wishes, Mary

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