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Uniting Korea

Hi! i am a south korean student. and how shoud we unite Korea? give ideas please


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  • Apr 5 2013: I think there is a way for North Korea and South Korea to be united. Well as we know in the past these two countries was at war and haven't made a peace until know. The reason behind why these two countries is not at war with each other is because the two countries made a TRUCE (CEASE-FIRE).

    Why these North Koreans is planning on attacking South Koreans? Well based on my assumptions I could say that North Koreans is jealous of the success of the South Koeans. Well what will these North Koreans really gain by making a war? I mean all the big countries will fight agaisnt each other and maybe UNITED NATION will get disbanded. And even there will be a chance of World War 3.

    What I think here is that North Koreans should ask South Koreans the way of getting success, well I think that South Koreans will gladly help because by helping them it means there will be a relation between the two countries and it will be United faster or sooner, because when they are together then they can strengthen their country. Because basically speaking they are all brothers and sisters there. No need for bloodshed.

    So the point is I think North Korea should begin to accept their own mistakes and learn from the success one (but I don't think that this North Korea would do as I say) because as we can see that this KIM JONG UN is really proud of himself. It's like he thinks that he can take over the world. They will not solve a problem instead just making a new problems which happens to be big problems because there is a possibiities of World War 3 will happen. and I don't thik that will be a good idea.

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