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Uniting Korea

Hi! i am a south korean student. and how shoud we unite Korea? give ideas please


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  • Apr 4 2013: when the cold war was going on, The USSR turned N Korea in to a communist country, to counter balance any attack from N Korea, the Americans decided to influence and develop S Korea so that they can defend the US, so to really see what is going on is that the 2 enemy sides have influenced leaders of the 2 Koreas that they should continue counter balancing the world power in this manner.

    In any real outbreak of war it is natural from the North and the S Korea to destroy one another, while the bigger powers continue using other countries to defend themselves..... Apparently the world is and will always be split by the super power and the rising superpower at all times. Unless the leaders of the 2 Koreas realize this they shall never change. Both the countries are decoys for the 2 super powers.
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      Apr 4 2013: This might have been true 50 years ago, but the world has gone beyond the "domino theory" of containing communism. Ground wars are messy and so last millennium, now it is cyber warfare and economic control as the weapons of choice.
      • Apr 4 2013: You are right, but even then think about the possibility of a nuke war, chemical warfare, biological warfare... remember agent orange for Vietnam. I just hope that both N Korea and the South understand being human and change the course of everything.

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