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Uniting Korea

Hi! i am a south korean student. and how shoud we unite Korea? give ideas please


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  • Mar 30 2013: I don't see it happening Wonjun. Kim Jong-un seems intent on further dividing the two nations. China will fight the unification, the last thing they want is a prosperous, pro-America, democracy at their border, which a united Korea most certainly would be due to South Korea's cultural dominance and population. Lastly, unless North Korea takes deadly military action against South Korea I don't really see the benefits of a united Korea for the South Korean people. They currently are an extremely wealthy state that heavily influences global culture and economics. Why risk losing that in an armed conflict? In addition, a united Korea would still have to deal with threatening actions from neighbors. An expanding Korea will likely strengthen tensions with Japan over the disputed islands of Takeshima/Dokdo. And again China will hate to have a shining example of successful and wealthy democracy at its doorstep.

    In all reality I don't think a united Korea can, in the current balance of power in the region, exist. It seems more to be something that South Koreans and Americans like to fantasize about.

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