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Is being romantic to be vulnerable?

Majority of people that I know would say yes .....

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    Apr 11 2013: First to borrow a line from a book I read recently: "That which yields is not always weak." ~Jacqueline Carey

    The flat answer would be: Yes, being romantic is to be vulnerable.

    That being mentioned, I do not believe it would be correct to say that it is a negative. Consider that being romantic (read "love") essentially requires a person to be honest about their emotions in the first place else it would be more akin to lust. To open yourself up, to be honest about your emotions, takes a major risk which does lend to the idea that you can be hurt by the other person. Conversely, if you do not open up or be honest about your emotions then you would hurt yourself. Opening up about your emotions allows growth, learning, understanding, empathy, and a handful of other emotions which will increase your social and emotional growth. The pains that are caused from break-ups, divorces, infidelity, and all the other endings to a relationship eventually give the same results. If a person chooses not to take those risks it would not be far fetched to say that their emotional and social growth would become stunted.

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