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Do we have an opinion about everything? If not, should we?

The ideas, questions and debates discussed here on the TED platform allow us to share opinions, answers and lots more.

What is it that makes us form an opinion? Is it something we do through choice? On what level of consciousness are opinions formed?

I chose the "Gotta Share" video as it was the last video I watched before I thought about this. Perhaps its the sharing with others that makes us opinionated? How we make our identity?



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  • Apr 23 2013: I may or may not have an opinion on that.
    But the real question is: can I be bothered to take the time to formulate coherent thoughts on the subject and type them in for you all to enjoy or ridicule?
    Or am I prepared to put my preconceived notions on the line, just to have them shattered to bits by some chatroom troll?
    Do I really want to start something with the vocal, virulent minority? (Not that that happens here!)

    Really though, there are just too many issues out there to have opinions on everything. I only have so much brainspace!.

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