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Do we have an opinion about everything? If not, should we?

The ideas, questions and debates discussed here on the TED platform allow us to share opinions, answers and lots more.

What is it that makes us form an opinion? Is it something we do through choice? On what level of consciousness are opinions formed?

I chose the "Gotta Share" video as it was the last video I watched before I thought about this. Perhaps its the sharing with others that makes us opinionated? How we make our identity?



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    Apr 8 2013: Thinking comprehensive is my purpose.

    This goal be about to appear at 15 . For getting a high score at my cours , i must be good at answer the subjective items and that , which need you can think of all the angles . In chinese text ,this skill is totally essential .

    Eg : What the reason western powers start the First Opium War ?( not offence)

    There is two leading part need thinking : subjective & Objective .

    And then is the three specific clues like : Politics , Economy , Culture and Military

    Then use the specific clues to analyse the leading part respectively.

    The answer is :

    1. Because the The industrial revolution ,west power need A lot of raw materials .
    2. We were at late Qing Dynasty, national power decline .
    3.Western countries have finished the Regime changing.
    4. The political situation of late Qing Dynasty is unstable .
    5.West power has advanced science and technology .
    6.The policy —— Seclusion .

    I wanna say ,a process of our mind is vital .And we must confirm the aspect we need thinking before we say the concrete content . We need a frame ,but do not be fasten . We need novel perspective but we should enumerate the fundamental viewpoint and then stand on your stage state your argument.

    The perspective should be our tool not be the aim . We should use the perspective complete our viewpoint .

    Nothing is perfect. We can close the circle but we can't reach .

    I think " Growing up " is meant your consciousness is expanding . Don't painstakingly making your minds mature .

    Just look around and notice amazing things around you.
    • Apr 8 2013: Thinking about what you wrote, I began to think that the human mind cannot generate facts from itself... only opinions. Anything that is fact must be universaly accepted as such... meaning it needs no human to enforce its acceptance. The Truth always is. Everything else is opinion.

      So it seems that we can only create subjective opinions and not objective facts - even if you feel sick that is an opinion as the man whose opinion is that he is well gets well while the man whose opinion is of sickness remains sick. Our existence is all relative, it seems.

      What is your opinion?
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        Apr 9 2013: I agree with you ! Minds cannot change the obgective reality.

        Of course we maynot be considerate everthing for others . The emotion of us all from our imagination
        that pretend ourseslves to be the others , for the reall experience .

        The key is the extent of the pretend ,the more you imagine ,the more realistic you'll receive . Thus your comments or your advice will be more fitting for the party's request .

        We can only use my sense to measure your sense . Except for this, i cannot and do not have other ways .

        But we , a person has basic moral and reason ,and know the principle of the nature that there is something do not change follow our mind .

        When use these truth to jugde an incident ,is it also attribute to the subjective ?

        PS: Have you seen The Theory of Moral Sentiments ?

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