Thomas Hawkins

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When do you become completely absorbed in something? and/or what is it?

A question out of interest to see what types of things and/or moments capture the individuals undivided attention.

Feel free to share reasons...

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    Apr 3 2013: G'day Thomas

    Nature, I'm not just in awe of it's beauty but it's complexities.

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    Mar 29 2013: I don't think I ever become completely absorbed in anything. Even if I'm watching a very interesting movie, for example, I'm listening to see if, for example, some maniac has entered the theater and may mean me or others harm.
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    Mar 29 2013: Only when I'm doing a real worthy task and I feel I'm doing it well or I can do it well if I try. Doesn't matter what is th task about.
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    Mar 29 2013: I am entirely passionate about learning, teaching, and community service. But as you ask this question, do check out the TED talk by Mihalyi Czikzentmihalyi about "flow" (which is the state of immersion you describe in your question). His book Flow might interest you as well. He is at the University of Chicago, or was when he wrote the book.
  • Mar 29 2013: While watching wildlife or doing my art work, I can become so completely involved that the rest of the world disappears.
    A small simple movement in the grass or up in a tree, takes me away.