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What are the best moments that you have ever experienced?

How we achieve happiness can be different for each one of us. Our passions, expectations, life experiences, and even our personalities all contribute to the level of happiness we experience in our lives. Some find happiness in their careers while others prefer the bliss found in their marriages or other intimate relationship. what are the best moments that YOU have ever experienced?..

  • Apr 4 2013: July 3, 2011 I was the victim of a robbery & was shot 5 times! As i lay there in my own blood the last thing I remembered was seeing the paramedics enter my apartment & begin preparing me for transport. I blacked out...came to & now was being rolled on a stretcher to the ambulance. As the ambulance left the apartment complex, I remember asking the paramedic if I was dying or would I make it! The VERY last thing I remember was his vague response saying I looked okay...then i blacked out! Once I made it to ICU, the doctors & nurses induced a coma & I remained in that state for 3 days!!!

    Well, I remember waking up, & the very first thing I saw....was my now- girlfriend! Mind you, prior to the shooting we only had known each other for about 2 WEEKS!! So imagine my surprise to see her there when I opened my eyes! I was in that coma for 3 days, but I thought it was the same night. Anyway...this young lady stayed with me @ the hospital throughout my entire 3 month stay. She was there giving me daily words of encouragement through a very rough rehab ritual & waited on me hand/foot!! Needless ton say, we became a couple. Now this young lady barely knew me....really had no strong ties to me...knew basically NOTHING about me except what she learned during our 2 week courtship!! She could have left & went on about her life....but she stayed!! And she STILL has my back to this day!! I love this woman, totally! So to answer your question....I'm STILL experiencing my best moment!! :-)
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    Apr 20 2013: Without doubt the time spent with my wife and two daughters- for me it makes everything that happens in life worthwhile or purposeful. Developing deep love and understanding is the key to happiness in life.
  • Apr 19 2013: I was put in a wheelchair by a surgeon who got the job wrong. Can't sue them in this country (Australia).

    For the first year I wanted to die. My Dad had taught us well, and that we must always do unto others and good things will come to you and your spirit.

    I took training and am now a voluntary Disability (and older people) Advocate. I could see how awful things are (disrespect, ignorance) for disabled people. If I do say so myself I have become strong and I strive to be unbeatable in my quest for better conditions, certainly respect. My supporters tell me I must have God on my side ! Lovely eh ?
    Am a great believer in Karma and know for sure it has come my way.

    My heart sings with joy when I secure a positive outcome. I now live my life with have lived a life WITHOUT compassion/passion/purpose ... one may as well NOT have lived at all.
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      Apr 19 2013: Dear Karmel
      Sorry for what happened to you, I know people all around the word who suffer from heterogeneous physical disabilities but they are quite successful people. I am sure you are one of those people…
      There are numerous lecturers in the area of self-development, regarding the fact that you mentioned there are some difficulties for disable people…maybe it is the time to have a lecturer for disable people..
      Best Regards
  • Apr 10 2013: Dear Mohammad, Thank you for the opportunity to post my first comment in TED on such a positive subject :) My best moments: my first glimpse of the sea when I arrive home (live far, far away), moments shared with a good friend with a cup of hot chocolate warming my hands, sunsets by the sea ... :) Regards
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    W. Ying

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    Apr 1 2013: .
    The reason for "How we achieve happiness can be different for each one of us" is human ultra-high accuracy.

    The "best moments" I often experienced is having the results of the background processing in my brain appearing after/between sleeping at night or just after waking.
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      Apr 3 2013: Hi W.Ying
      Why do you think it was your best moment?...
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        W. Ying

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        Apr 4 2013: .
        It has solved lot of my very difficult problems in my life.
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    Mar 31 2013: My best moment, the one I still remember vividly is this quiet night with a moon-lit sky and I was with a friend.
    It was just a conversation, but it was not just a conversation. It was heavenly.
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    Mar 30 2013: Hi Mohammad.
    Three stick out.
    1. My wife agreed to marry me.
    2. Being present at the birth of my eldest daughter.
    3. A grown woman asking to be my youngest daughter.

    All three humbled me, & are probably the most exciting moments of my life. It's all about people.

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      Apr 3 2013: Hi Peter
      Happy to see you again
      Yeah your best moments are all about people and relationships..
      Regarding people and relationships, How is that possible to connect to different quality network of people?..
      Best regards
  • Apr 1 2013: There once a time, for the first time, my dad, along with my mom and mys sister had a vacation. For more than 10 years, my father never took a rest from his work. During those days when we had our vacation back then, I had engraved some best moments in my life ever.
  • Apr 1 2013: the first one is when i look my parents smile. and they never forget pray for me everyday.
    the second is wake up in the morning and look the sunrise.
    thanks God You create sunrise and sunset.
  • Mar 31 2013: hemm.. the best moment is near death experience, when i realized that i'm still alive
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      Mar 30 2013: Hi Carolyn
      Thank you for sharing that..and god bless you..
      Best Regards
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          Mar 30 2013: Dear Carolyn
          I remember last year at university during exam session I have worked hard for 2 weeks, I changed my routines…cause I had a goal. I just wanted to do my best… to accomplish what I wanted…and I did it…looking back to my life…that is the time that I am really proud of it…you know it is not about my intimate relationship or anything else….what I am really proud of it is devoting my life to a holy purpose….
          I can see similarities between your best moments and my..
  • Apr 29 2013: It might sound odd but I find happiness when i discover new food and the creativity that adds the spectacle. It is important to stay healthy and the perfect ingredient to my happiness is food and food. Being in London i manage to try one top restaurant a week so not sure where you are based. You must delve in fine to high street dining and your will be happy too. Needless to say with friends and family..
  • Apr 19 2013: G'day Mohammad, In Australia as soon as Disabled (+ Senior) people want or need something the automatic answer is NO.

    We have a very outmoded Australian Human Rights process particularly for Disabled (and senior) people. We are desperately trying to get it changed. They really work against Disabled people and some Disabled say they are in breach of the United Nations and want to take them to the United Nations.

    Yes many disabled people are truly brilliant and do of course have jobs, but many more jobs are needed. I think it is Germany that has a quota for employing disabled. For every 100 employees they employ 2 disabled if not they pay a levy which goes to better accessible public transport, equipment etc.
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    Mar 30 2013: My dear Mohammad.......always nice to see you my friend....that is one of my best moments:>)
    Surely you know by now that each and every moment is my "best"?

    That being said....
    Choosing a partner....having children.....hiking the Inca trail to Machu Pichu in Peru and watching the sun rise through the sun gate....hiking the Annapurna Mountain range in Nepal....white water rafting the Seti River (first time ever white water rafting)....kayaking the Sarapique river in Costa Rica (first time ever kayaking)….watching Arenal Volcano erupt, from the closest seismological observatory (wow….unbelievable!!!)….the first time hearing an incarcerated man in the cognitive self-change session I co-facilitated say he now understands that he has choices…..observing the family of a person in a terminal care facility realizing that it is better to let go of the one they love, and allow him/her to die, as s/he wants to do…hearing a woman in the shelter say she finally understands the dynamics of violence and abuse, and will begin the process to take care of herself….riding horses……riding camels while exploring Egypt…..elephants in Thailand and Nepal……observing the wonder of the creatures in the Galapagos Islands…..sailing, skiing, biking with friends on a beautiful day, spending time with friends and family……. watching the butterflies, birds, frogs and fish in the gardens…..observing all growing things and the harmony with which nature creates….TED…..every moment on TED is the “best”……………..I could go on and on, and I sincerely hope you get the picture???

    Right now, at this moment, I feel that the best moments were out in the gardens all day, and now I'm going to have the best moments enjoying a glass of wine and dinner:>)
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      Apr 3 2013: Hi Dear Colleen
      You are always kind to me, it is my honor to be a friend of yours..
      Your life is like surfing in the sea of happiness…that is awesome..
      And as far as a glass of wine is concerned…cheers..
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        Apr 3 2013: Mohammad,
        Nicely said..."surfing in the sea of happiness"......yes indeed. That does NOT mean that there have not been challenges my friend. Some of the best moments, as mentioned above, and many other moments, embraced a great deal of challenges, including fear, frustration, and confusion. I realized that by truly experiencing everything, even the very challenging moments, I could learn and grow, thereby making even the challenging times some of the best:>)

        It is an honor to have you for a friend as well....thank you for being you and sharing the gift of your friendship with me:>)
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          Apr 4 2013: Dear Colleen
          As you have mentioned earlier, sometimes challenges themself are more important than the results…I think it is all about the way that we look at things…regarding Tony Robins life is about changes and the way that we compensate with those changes...I think he might be right..that is why people should concentrate on what is in their hands,,regarding Rick Warren, author of The Purpose-Driven Life....
          best regards
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        Apr 7 2013: I agree is all about the way we look at things....our attitude......perception of life...the ways we compensate and adjust to changes...the way we understand.....or not... with all the life adventures:>)
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    Mar 30 2013: Problem is, Mohammad, most of them are very private.
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      Mar 30 2013: hi Pabirta
      I know what you mean..but I think there are too much similarities among our best moments..maybe it is the time to reveal that...and know ourself make a happier life..
      lets share our best moments and do the same....we might experience the same feelings....
      Kind regards