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How can motivated economically disadvantaged students in under performing school systems compete with students in wealthy schools?

Wealth is one of the main determents of a child's successes in school. Students in under preforming school systems are often unable to compete with students from richer systems. Even in the same school, the richer students, on average, do better. How can students who either come from an underperforming school system or a poor family compete with upperclass students for slots in highly competitive universities?


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  • Apr 3 2013: We must change the structure so that there is not a marginal difference between the under performing and wealthy schools. This is a result of institutionalized racism which continues to dominate our culture's infrastructure. The book "Honky" does an excellent job explaining the type of social and capital resources that many people have that others do not experience because of the color of their skin, even though they may both grow up in the exact same environment. Great book to read by Dalton Conley if you get the chance!

    On a side note, I'm working on a project called Motivational Mondays in which I talk about my experiences on my YouTube channel to bring consciousness to how awesome and enjoyable this whole life thing can be!

    Here is a link to one of my latest videos, thanks for reading and watching :)


    Erik Myers

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