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Should the concept of competition be eliminated from schools?

Recently I've learned about Finland's educational system. Eliminating the sense of competition between students. No standardized test until they reach the age of 16. The least number of school hours in the world and the best resutls in the standardized tests.
I, as a student myself, I'd see it as a solution to self-esteem issues when it comes to grades and trust in abilities. I get As but I've been wondering how well other students would do if there was no pressure about tests and gradual, self-understanding would do help them achieve what we deserve as a result from education.

Please give your opinion in terms of school experience, and if you're from Finland (or studied there in that system) please don't doubt in sharing.


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    Mar 30 2013: I think the amount of competition is exaggerated. I got straight A's in school, but I didn't do it to compete, just because I enjoyed the material, enjoyed learning, enjoyed pleasing my teacher.
    • Mar 30 2013: I do too, and I share your point of view. As are self-rewarding when you know you enjoy all those 3

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