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What pictures or conceptions in your mind when mention about poverty?

I just watched a document which is:why are we in poverty?It shocked me how I do understand about poverty.Here I would like you to share with me yours about what pictures or conceptions in your mind when mention about poverty.Thanks.

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    • Apr 4 2013: I am glad to know you can descript'the stunningly poor' perior as an apportunity.
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    Mar 29 2013: Poverty can mean deciding which child gets to eat or go to school. It can mean people dying from preventable diseases because they do not have access to medical care. It can mean watching children shrink away or drink water from polluted sources or have no water or need to walk long distances for water..

    This is not to say that poor people cannot be happy or that rich people will be happy. But extreme poverty has concrete and painful aspects.
    • Mar 30 2013: Yes,Dear Fritzie Reisner,I couldn't agree with you more.but a society is in poverty,not just appearing things we can see,the poverty is from some bad things are rampant around the countries,the nationalities,the society...personality...they are stinking around but hardly for us to smell them:deceiving,curroption,bribe,fake products...trickster.the scociety can't escape the poverty if people in such a low-education.
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        Mar 30 2013: And some people who are really quite fortunate still feel shortchanged and sorry for themselves because they want or believe they deserve more than they have.

        I just don't want us to forget what poverty means in Sub-Sahara Africa, for example.
        • Mar 30 2013: Yes,Dear Fritzie Reisner,how not easy to be content with what I have in nowaday society.I have a job I like,have house to live,have food to eat,have people I love,whenever I feel not content I should think of what you mentioned above...Thanks.
  • Mar 29 2013: It could be like a dark side of the future, or even have no future. Or could be the reverse. Being poor people doesn't mean living with limitation in everything. Their imagination, their hopes and dreams don't have any limit and seems like they could enjoy it. There wont be rich people if poor people doesn't exist. I do like to refer to hopes when i heard poverty. :)
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    Mar 28 2013: well, it could be a man with many old, dirty clothes on, long hair, long beard.

    It could be a lower middle class person who doesn't have much understanding of life, thus they are poor even though they have some possessions.
    • Mar 29 2013: Dear greg dahlen,Thanks for your sharing:).
      Last night when I watched a document which was about why we are in poverty.I started to understand more about poverty:it isn't only about living condition but also spiritual issue.
      When I got some of colleges in china they are doing education not for helping students growing up but just focus on money.I at last understand what is the real meaning of poverty in china.It is more horrible than people live in poor condition.
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        • Mar 29 2013: Hi Dear Kate Black,suffering on spiritual poverty is the main reason why people feel not happy.Although we can see so many people suffering in poverty like you mentioned:no shelter,food,water,etc.But how much poverty we can evaluate in our inner world?Aren't they unhappy root for us to concern?
          Oncee I felt myself to disobey my conscience ,to ruin the facts... I did feel full of fears,I was lost,completely in 100 percent poverty.I felt myself sound like a floating empty shell.Definitely suffered badly...