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Are we debating too many things?

There are A LOT of threads!

Are there too many to get anything really substantial out of it, are we "watering out" the Conversations by having to many of them?

Yes: Fewer threads would mean more devotion to the ones that are really important.

No: People should be able to discuss anything they want (with boundaries) on conversations and we need a wide range to get people talking, everything is important!


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    Apr 3 2011: I would suggest a thread minimizing system because some posts get tons of replies which automatically drown the other posts which might be as important and informative.

    A more efficient categorizing system for discussions would be nice, as well, but most importantly, a notification system to let users know when a thread gets responses. Otherwise we'll eventually not be able to keep track of all the discussions we've posted in, which will quite naturally create inconsistency and confusion. Annoyance will start to grow, as well.

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      Apr 3 2011: I have been asking for that notification system as well... it's really time consuming going through every thread over and over again... and I've also thought of a thread "minimizing system", good to know that it's important to others as well!
  • Apr 3 2011: Just joined a few seconds ago... I think no. We need more thinkers. More talking is better than less talking. I am thinking locally and globally where people in my area seem to not care and people in other countries aren't allowed to debate.

    Just make sure no one is posting pron links in the threads. Bad Trolls. Bad.
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      Apr 3 2011: Hi Daniel, It's wonderful that you've found your way to TED, welcome friend!
      We don't really get trolls here on TED so no worries.
      Would you care to share your opinion once again in 12-13 days when you've had some more experience of the discussions at TED? I think it might change...

      Edit:You are of course welcome to comment the thread sooner if you wish, I did not mean to discourage you!
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    Apr 4 2011: Jimmy, don't forget that not everybody participates in all debates. Everybody picks what he finds interesting and is able to manage.
    So no, there shouldn't be any limits to the # of threads.
    What we need however, is a search tool that helps us find what we are looking for.
    (key words, date posted, length of discussion, number of posts, etc)
  • Apr 3 2011: Have you really opened another debate, on whether we have too many debates? :)

    Who decides which conversations are important? I don't think everything is important, and some things are important to some people and not to others. I'm comfortable making that decision for myself and I suspect others are too.

    I would like to be able to remove conversations from 'My Conversations'. I'd also like a posting index number or time/date on the posts so a specific one could be referenced and/or searched.
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    Apr 3 2011: how many did you open? how many is the average?
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      Apr 3 2011: I don't know... I think I open perhaps one per day in average, but that differs a lot!
      I don't know what the average is either, but it is not the question.

      I'll try to rephrase:
      The question is, do you feel overwhelmed and unfocused because of the sheer amount of discussions that there are? (or see above)

      I think numbers have little to do with it.