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TV by the people - Can the audience come up with a better show than TV professionals?

Yesterday I've started an experiment from within the TV industry. It's about creating and developing a TV show through crowd wisdom. "Audience Wisdom" if you will, and it's the first time such an idea is actually tested.

I'm relying not only on the collective brain power of hundreds; I'm also assuming crowds are semi-professional TV people, considering the dominance TV has in popular culture.

This project is linked to Ted not only in the spirit of practical innovation but also in the form of Lior Zoref - a crowd wisdom researcher who recently gave a TED talk on the subject.

Would love your thoughts on the subjects, how feasible do you think the concept is, what kind of shows you think is relevant to a collective process or any other insight.

If you have ideas for a TV show or would like to join the group please visit www.tvbythepeople.com


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    Mar 30 2013: Daniel, There is .. IMO ... no such thing as crowd wisdom. OWS was started by organizers in Canada ... it had a specific agenda and organizers / managers to guide it in the proper direction. After it went big it lost direction and appeal. The crown lack the direction / guidance it was getting ... crowds do not think they follow / react.

    Unions have a big meeting .. a crowd ... the speaker gives them only limited choice and then conviences them that their choice was correct .. there was never a choice .. the decision was made by management long before the meeting was called.

    What you are seeking is opinion / input from individuals .. not a crowd. It is a lot like submit a title for this photo. Once a concept is selected the public phase is over unlike a crowd that you can whip into a frenzy. Much like presidential elections in the USA. You have no voice, no input, you check the box, I will do the thinking.

    Professionals can develop anything. Prior to investment there will be surveys in all market areas. If it is not profitable you woud never get a sponsor ... the "baby" would be doa.

    Your marketing people already know what is hot today and have a lead on what will be hot tomarrow.

    Compare what marketing tells you before you announce the results and see what the match is.

    Nice jesture ... the bottom line is money.

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      Mar 30 2013: Hey Robert,

      Im not sure if there are exact definition for what a crowd is or the process that qualifies as "crowd sourcing". I’ve read and learned about it and took from it what I thought might work (and this is an experiment. I don’t claim to have all the answers yet, which is what I find exciting about it)

      That being, I can definitely say that this is NOT a submit your caption competition. The gathering of ideas is the first phase. The fun part is where all those who submitted ideas are welcomed to a close group to develop the entire show together…

      Also, the bottom line is not money. If it was, I would turn to the brilliant and experienced professionals working with me and ask for new TV show formats. This is a creative attempt that strives to be financially viable, for the company behind it and for the participant in the experiment, so that more out of the box thinking will take place

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