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Do you support the Texas bill to require drug screening for welfare?

It would require applicants to the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) program to undergo screening by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission.

Under this bill, applicants who appear to use drug or have been convicted for drug use will be subjected to testing. Applicants who test positive for drugs would be barred from receiving TANF funds for 12 months.

Because TANF is a direct cash assistance program, a responsibility exists to ensure that these funds are not being used to support a person’s drug habit.

Is this a approperiate means to deal with the problem or are other ways available?


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    Apr 2 2013: So no welfare for people who take drugs? What about fat people, they waste money on food they don't really need? And welfare money should only be able to be spent at Walmart where you get value for our dollar. Also if you're on welfare you can only drive a four cylinder car because big cars are wasteful.

    But seriously folks. If I was on welfare and had it cut off because I smoke $50 worth of pot a week, it would probably irritate me that the guy next door who drinks $100 worth of burbon a week still gets paid. And the other guy who smokes $100 worth of cigarettes still gets paid and the other guy who blows all his money at the track still gets paid etc
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      Apr 2 2013: Peter, Yeah, no system is perfect. If I took the money then my family suffers when I spend it on drugs .. I think that is what they are aiming at. If I was identified as a welfare abuser then take me out of the picture and hopefully my wife who would be next in line would provide in a better manner. If not then go to plan C which could be someone who would pay the bills and shop for us with the state money.

      As a government employee I had to take a test to be hired ... do a random check once a year ... must test if I am involved in any event that could go to court or where any doubt exists that I may have been under any sort of influence.

      To be honest part of the problem is giving cash / checks. Give cards that have specific rules and penalities would be much easier to control.

      No easy answers here .... thanks for the reply. Bob

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