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When we're bored, or find something boring, why is that?

An example of this came up in another conversation, where a fellow was saying that watching a farmer farm would be boring. And it made me wonder why in general we might find something boring, or be bored. I think I'm blessed in that I'm rarely bored, if I'm bored I ask myself what I might enjoy doing, and then do it. Do others find they are frequently bored, seldomly bored, or in the middle?


Closing Statement from greg dahlen

I think I should have done this question differently. I should have asked if other people ever find themselves bored, and if they know why. I think I'm blessed, I really am never bored. I have the perception other people are, but I should have checked that.

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    Apr 20 2013: I think we become bored when we need to relax. Our bodies send us some signals when we are tired and we receive them like a boredom or weariness. It's my own opinion. Because I'm borned only when I'm tired.

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