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When we're bored, or find something boring, why is that?

An example of this came up in another conversation, where a fellow was saying that watching a farmer farm would be boring. And it made me wonder why in general we might find something boring, or be bored. I think I'm blessed in that I'm rarely bored, if I'm bored I ask myself what I might enjoy doing, and then do it. Do others find they are frequently bored, seldomly bored, or in the middle?


Closing Statement from greg dahlen

I think I should have done this question differently. I should have asked if other people ever find themselves bored, and if they know why. I think I'm blessed, I really am never bored. I have the perception other people are, but I should have checked that.

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    Mar 28 2013: I like Edward and Frtzie approach. As usual I am going to step outside of the box ... washing dishes, cleaning house, doing laundry, ironing, etc ... are all boring and changing diapers, cleaning the kittly litter box and picking up dog poo are discusting as well as boring ... all of these need to be done. Is it possiable that the lack of discipline has contributed to these turn off tasks and also a contribution by the media. In movies when the "Mr Mom" changes a diaper it makes a big deal of it and how he is inept in a "womans" world ... the mental seeds are planted. Movies make these things boring and tasks to be put off until you are out of underware or even you are offended with the smell.

    Under disclipine ... perhaps we should start with Dr Spock ... kids are good leave them alone they will do the right thing. We see how that turned out. How about classroom disclipine ... don't do the homework, disruptive in class, administrators will look for a way to still pass them to the next level because we do not want to offend, hurt the ego or mark them as a failure. This continues into the work place. Screw up a high cost project the union steps in and says yep he cost you over a million bucks in damages and another million in late fees, etc .. and was well over the legally drunk line but he is one of ours and we will shut this place down if you fire him.

    So I say that if we have personal pride, disclipine, and integrity we approach these tasks differently and with a different mind set ... when that occurs they are no longer boring ... for me they are a step in going camping, dancing, hosting a party, enjoying the big game, etc ...

    If you display and state how much you hate doing XXXX you have taught your kids / spouse / etc to also hate or view the task as boring and to be avoided. Want to play .. clean your room ... do your chores .. etc .... disclipine!!!!
    Teach responsibilities. Be a example.

    I wish you well. Bob
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      Mar 29 2013: Funny, Robert, I find that's it's possible to do the most mundane tasks creatively, and I also enjoy doing them skillfully, it becomes a mental challenge to do them as creatively, skillfully, efficiently, effectively as possible.

      I don't see the connection between the ideas in the "Under discipline" paragraph to my question or to the rest of the ideas in your answer.
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        Mar 30 2013: Wow ... I re-read my reply and thought I was on target ... so did at least two others with thumbs up. Sorry you and I did not find a connection .. such is life.

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