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Graduate Research Assistant, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

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How do we deal with the culture of criticism, especially at schools, work, and in our private lives?

When do we learn that in most cases, what others think of us is just a reflection on their character and not on us? When do we accept that we are who we are and that our self-esteem is based on how we see ourselves, and should not be on how others see us?


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  • Mar 27 2013: This is an interesting topic. How do we balance constructive feedback/criticism that will help us to grow professionally and personally versus too frequent and harsh criticism that affects our self-esteem?

    I think there is a growing pressure in all levels of our society to perform better which can become daunting at some point. I think we need to keep in mind to have a healthy balance between being ourselves and doing our best while trying to improve ourselves and be better at what we do. It is good to have healthy work-life balance and take enough time off to recharge from today's push for performance.

    I think we need to surround ourselves with positive people that like who we are while learning to take well-meant feedback with a positive attitude? This is not easy for anyone.
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      Mar 28 2013: I also think that positive people, positive thoughts, growth from criticisms (both destructive and constructive) all help foster a well-balanced personality. I also think that it is very important to be able to decipher between people who give us good feedback and others who just are not looking out for us as much as we think they are. All in all, I think you make a great point when you mention "well-meant" feedback. That is the kind that helps us grow, right? Thanks for your insightful input, Zdenek!

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