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angela anima-korang

Graduate Research Assistant, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

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How do we deal with the culture of criticism, especially at schools, work, and in our private lives?

When do we learn that in most cases, what others think of us is just a reflection on their character and not on us? When do we accept that we are who we are and that our self-esteem is based on how we see ourselves, and should not be on how others see us?


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      Mar 28 2013: I definitely agree, ZX. I just came to a "re-realization" (if I may so so) of this not quite long ago. It had to do with how I thought others saw me, then I came across a file that had been posted and had me in it. It reaffirmed my convictions that while others opinion of me counted, what I thought of myself was central to my personal growth. Thanks for sharing in this!

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