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Why and when do you decide to like either a comment or conversation?

What qualities or attributes about a comment or conversation, do you just want to be like "I am going to :like: that!"

I know there are conversations about "what makes a good debate," I felt most took those discussions with an objective mindset. Let's narrow it down to TED. On TED.com when is the most likely time you will support someone's post?

There is a sense of 'promoting' others by liking them, even giving them credit (bad pun), but what is the trick to getting you to :like: someone's post?

This 'question' can definitely help out the community of TEDsters who use the conversation boards regularly. I been posting on them myself for a year or two now and since then, a lot of people have come and gone - from super active to complete stop in participation. Great minds have passively come through these conversation boards. Individuals I quote from time to time in short pieces, because they inspired me.

So, let this question help you, help everyone inspire more people!

What matters most?!
Semantic Usage
General Beliefs

A mixture? What's the BIG mix?

If I had to simplify my thoughts, I look to :like: comments who are able to be multidimensional and divergent with their comments. Which allows more people to understand what they mean.

I :like: conversations when I get to have a good discussion in them or if the question has the qualities of the above; the ability to be responded to in diverse ways.



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    Mar 28 2013: I would give thumbs up to a thoughtful contribution to the discussion at hand, even if I disagree with the position the person is taking. I appreciate sound arguments and the sharing of evidence, including links that allow me to verify for myself the evidence being put forward.
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      Mar 29 2013: Fritz! You are definitely a large contributor to the conversation boards as well as someone I do not skip over reading.

      Thanks for commenting!

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