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US Politicians Trips Overseas

More and more in the news we hear about Presidents, Vice Presidents, Sec of State, Senators, etc ... and their travels.

This week the details of VP Bidens trip to Europe was revealed. One night stay in Paris was $585,000.50 and one night in London was $459,338.65. That was for the room.

Here is the question: We have Embassys in almost every country. We pay big buck to maintain these political posts. Why doesn't our politicians stay at the Embassy. In just this one trip the VP could have saved one million tax payers dollars.


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    Mar 29 2013: Trying to deal with stuff is tantamount to playing whack a mole with the budget. The budget has to to be emaciated to where the politicians cannot spend money on this kind of BS, which is even more irritating when they justify it, in which once again the tail wags the dog.

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