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When is it time to quit? And how does one know?

My class was discussing this topic. And while I may sound like a fool I don't think anyone should ever give up.


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    Mar 30 2013: Thaddea,
    Quit what? It looks like, based on your "topics", that you want to address "abuse", "relationships", and "risks"......risks regarding relationships? All risks in general? Your topic question seems unclear.

    If we know ourself, our goals, desires, preferences, and what we wish to create in the life experience, we can "feel" when something is not working well. Rather than the preception of quitting, or giving up, there are times when it is time to move in another direction.

    "Grant me the serenity to accept things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference".

    If we have carefully evaluated all information regarding a situation, have done our best to contribute to the success of a situation, and the circumstances do not change, it may be time to go in another direction. If we have been trying to force something....a relationship....a job situation....etc., it may feel like we are giving up or quitting, when we are actually taking another path.

    When we evaluate all information and choose another path, it is a realization that we have done our best in that situation, hopefully have learned with the process, and we recognize that we are either not willing to change our "self", and we cannot change other people.....make any sense?
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      Mar 30 2013: You make a good point that the word "quit" has a negative connotation and labeling an action as quitting may interfere with people's making wise changes.
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        Apr 2 2013: What about quitting smoking?

        That should be seen as a good choice and a positive outcome.

        There are often wise choices that involve quitting.

        Gaining the wisdom is the tricky part.

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