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When is it time to quit? And how does one know?

My class was discussing this topic. And while I may sound like a fool I don't think anyone should ever give up.


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    Apr 1 2013: I think you can "quit" without having to die. If people could see ways others cope, possibly a site where people help other people and share the ways they cope with their own demons/problems. When I was younger, and even up until I went through a divorce a few yrs back I would do things that I didnt really think about then but I do now. like get new clothes, change my hair completely, change my makeup and even act different, mostly more confident, nobody would have ever guess I was hurting...now that Im a little older I find peace in keeping my faith and knowing it his Gods Plan. That simply isnt enough for some though, and I really support projects like post secret that help people feel not so alone in this big big world.

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