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When is it time to quit? And how does one know?

My class was discussing this topic. And while I may sound like a fool I don't think anyone should ever give up.


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    Mar 29 2013: This question seems to lack context. I have noticed that it is difficult to give a meaningful answer to a question without context.
    • Mar 30 2013: I was just thinking the same thing. The context for the question would be helpful as it seems a very broad topic.

      If the question is about abuse and relationships, quit and get out if the relationship is abusive just to keep yourself safe. Beyond that, more information is needed to understand what is being asked.
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        Mar 30 2013: Yes. The answer, very much, depends on the context. If we talk about quitting smoking, the answer is "now". Confusing contexts is what makes the saying "rehab is for quitters" so funny. If we talk about fighting for someone's life or success in business, then "never give up" sounds like a good stance. But without context, it's hard to say anything meaningful.

        The same can be said of the other recent thread "what do we get if we try to fail and succeed?" In certain contexts, this may have meaning, but not in general.

        I think, always providing a context for a question is a good rule (unless, of course, our goal is to get some great philosophical or humorous quotes).
        • Mar 30 2013: See, and I have plenty of good quotes. It is a difficult topic to attack with an unclear goal in mind.

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