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Hire people in smaller shifts so they can work multiple jobs.

Throughout current studies we are showing that the human brain works best when given creative environments. So what if we were to change the way we do business all together and hire people in smaller shifts so they can work multiple jobs. I think we could possibly see this start with a company giving a hand full of employees considerably 2 different jobs and seeing the level of production difference. Just an idea from a college kid with no way of testing it.

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    Apr 5 2013: Am I correct in understanding that you mean one employee would fill two radically different part-time positions for one employer? I think owners of small businesses have no choice but to do that. The owner of a small business might be the manager, the janitor, the bookkeeper; in other words, fill every function needed. But in that example, it's 24 hours every day, trying to make a success of something. And big companies hire a lot of part-time temporary employees, to avoid paying benefits. I know a lot of struggling people who work two or even three part-time jobs, but essentially the same in each company. But in that example, it's not to improve creativity but to pay the bills and eat every day. So, I'm not sure I've ever heard of someone doing this intentionally. What did you have in mind?, the accountant in the morning would be the ad exec in the afternoon? Security guard one day, human resources assistant the next? Hmmm, I think that means everyone has an incredibly wide range of skills and education and interests. Maybe one employee on two different projects, but not considerably different in function? It's an interesting idea.
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    Mar 28 2013: It is useful for people to have some variety in what they do but enough immersion in one thing, or a constellation of interconnected things, to build up expertise/competency in an area.