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What if Facebook suddenly disappeared?

I am facebook user, seriously every. single. day.
I have lots of pictures and memos that i saved for few years and today i just look out them and couldn't help wonder that what if this will be suddenly gone?
and as you all know, that is one of the most frequently used tool for communicate with people or sometimes just for their selves (i mean 'people').
I want to hear your opinions! :)


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  • Apr 6 2013: Facebook is one way to communicate with others, but unfortunately too many think it's the only way. There is a world out there beyond the digital world and there is so much to see and experience that will never be able to be seen and experienced on a computer or cell phone. Technology is simply a tool that will never match our creative minds. We create the tools and yet, too many of the tools are now creating the ways we live our lives. Stop and think. Are the tools of technology controlling your life or are you in charge of the tools?

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