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Discuss the note to the TED community on the withdrawal of the TEDxWestHollywood license.

For discussion: http://blog.ted.com/2013/04/01/a-note-to-the-ted-community-on-the-withdrawal-of-the-tedxwesthollywood-license


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  • Apr 7 2013: here's another excellent post on the interwebs which demonstrates how wrong TED was to lump Russell Targ with pseudoscience.

    "The research papers in this archived data are mindboggling. TED obviously has forgotten that all legitimate researchers begin with the existing literature. And it is important not to let cognitive bias prevent you from looking at research that doesn’t fit your belief system. That reminds me… I noticed the annotation for file 11841, a 23 page document, is “Quantum Physics and Parapsychology” Conference report 28 Oct 1974.” Have you read it?

    12,000 documents remain unread by far too many people. Some of them have presumed to say the research does not even exist. Six months of my life were spent annotating the files and so I beg to differ. It does indeed exist. That TED and/or TEDx would prohibit one of the key researchers from speaking about the research is appalling."



    "More information on TED’s actions is here at the their site. Notice that, in removing the talks discussed, they also removed the opportunity to share them or to open them directly on Vimeo. TED does NOT want some ideas to spread — even if they are ideas that several governments (China, USSA, and the US) found important at the highest levels of National Security.
    That TED is censoring the formerly (and still partially) classified research is itself an idea worth spreading — or at least watching and pondering: What ideas do they approve? Which are off limits? And why?"

    ~ http://www.stargate-interactive.com/news/targ-tedx-and-the-nature-of-legitimate-research/

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