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Discuss the note to the TED community on the withdrawal of the TEDxWestHollywood license.

For discussion: http://blog.ted.com/2013/04/01/a-note-to-the-ted-community-on-the-withdrawal-of-the-tedxwesthollywood-license


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  • Apr 6 2013: This is really no place for serious discussion.

    Theory of Condensed matter group (6 professors, 60 researchers) at Cambridge university's webdomain is still blocked at TED conversations, probably originally caused by some people mislabeling links to this site as spam or porn.

    Professor Brian Josephson repeatedly noticed TED about this 'error'. They told him via email to resend his request as URGENT, which he did. Still nothing is happening. So this can be concluded as representing part of TED's policy towards "heretical" scientists.

    So far no one from TED or participants here has defended this.

    (snark) Maybe links to Cambridge university should be all blocked here because they are still harboring 'pseudoscientists'?

    Either you are with us...

    What an attitude this displays!

    Try for yourself, rightclick copy/paste link below into new comment, remove spaces and post anywhere on TED (it first seems to work, but then does not show up after you reload browser window):

    h ttp:// www. tcm. phy. cam. ac. uk/"

    EDIT: I see John Hoopes can post proper links to this site, which is ... funny, to say the least. Please other people try, maybe there are actually different classes of commenters here??

    EDIT2: John Campbell ensured us there is nothing TED can do about this. I don't know. It is certainly in some database somewhere, so it can be changed. If this system is so open for abuse creating permanent damage, they should switch it off.
    • Apr 7 2013: it's got to be a conspiracy.
      • Apr 7 2013: By the way, Leroy, I see you didn't post the link. Go ahead Leroy, post the link. Oh, can't do it? John, you want to see to it that Leroy here can post the link? Thanks.
      • Apr 7 2013: Yeah, but maybe he will be added to the "good guys" user list by admin? Well, so far only John Hoopes was able to post this without spaces. Give it a try, Leroy. Maybe you are special too.
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      Apr 7 2013: I posted the links and they were subsequently deleted.
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      Apr 7 2013: http://www.tcm.phy.cam.ac.uk/

      Voila! Magic!
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        Apr 7 2013: But when I post them, they disappear.
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          Apr 7 2013: It's a mystery...
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          Apr 7 2013: Don't post it like this:

          h ttp:// www. tcm. phy. cam. ac. uk/

          Post it like this:


          No woo required, but that hasn't kept conspiracy theories from spreading like wildfire. Critical thinking is your friend.
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        Apr 7 2013: I copied and pasted exactly the same link you used, John.

        And why would the post be deleted? The only way I can make a post without having it deleted is to not have that link in it.
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          Apr 7 2013: Beats me. They must be out to get you. Be sure to check your doors and windows.

          Me, I always make sure I pay my Illuminati dues on time.
        • Apr 7 2013: I'm sure you do.

          Really John, do you not realize I have all the subsequent comments in photos?
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          Apr 7 2013: But isn't it true that screenshots can be readily photoshopped? Whether or not they meet criteria of standards of evidence depends upon the audience, right?
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        Apr 7 2013: You're an admin. That's why you could post the link.
        • Apr 7 2013: Sandy, do you see how he has wiped it all out? He's even worse than I thought.
        • Apr 7 2013: What's going on? Please post a report for all of us to see.
      • Apr 7 2013: Nice trick. Now, I tell you how you can falsify your theory that it does usually work. Create a new account under a different email. Try again.
    • Apr 7 2013: Amfortas, I'll just mention again that the problem with comments that link to the TCM site being autodeleted is not TED, it's Akismet, so there's no point in bringing this up here. I agree it's ridiculous, but this really has nothing to do with TED.

      I've already contacted Akismet about it earlier this week and still awaiting a response. Any site that uses Akismet automatically deletes the comment that contains the link to the TCM group. Go to any wordpress.com site and you'll see what I mean. Go to Craig Weiler's blog and try posting a comment that links to the TCM group. Not only will it not appear, but Craig won't even see it as admin of his own blog. He'll be completely unaware that you even posted a comment.

      I think you can find my email in a previous thread so feel free to contact me about it. I should also be reachable through my profile. I'm happy to discuss it further, but not here.
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        Apr 7 2013: Akismet: Comment spam protection for your blog

        If it works well, I think it would be useful here.
        • Apr 7 2013: It's useful alright, and I know a lot more about it than I did last week, even though I've been using Wordpress for years. It literally kills comments before they can be posted. Straight to /dev/null, as it were, so that even the admin of the blog doesn't know the comment was posted. The only way I was able to post a direct link to the TCM Group to my own Wordpress site or any Wordpress site was if I was admin of the site in question.

          You sir, are an admin on this site.
        • Apr 7 2013: John Hoopes, You are being told by an obvious expert that TED is using the Akismet software and your answer is, that this WOULD be useful here? You aren't that stupid, usually. Fact is, we can't post links to the TCM domain, but you can, as you proved it, above.

          People who are in doubt about this: Just try it. Select by mouse, right click copy, then paste in a new comment box, remove spaces. Submit. You see your new comment. Reload browser window. Gone.

          h ttp:// www. tcm. phy. cam. ac. uk/

          You may think I am joking, but I cannot post this without the spaces!!!!!!
      • Apr 7 2013: Seriously, John. You think Hoopes is an admin? It would certainly explain a few things.
      • Apr 7 2013: There *must* be an option for a admin to flag a false positive as "no spam" or the system is just *broken*. They were informed about this some time ago.

        From the other thread:

        Brian Josephson: "In fact I did draw the issue to TED's attention quite some time ago, resending it as suggested by marking it URGENT, and nothing has happened. You can draw your own conclusions from that."

        At the very least, there should have been a statement like: Sorry, we are working on it, not our intention etc..

        what is the big issue with whitelisting this TCM domain in the database??
        • Apr 7 2013: Amfortas, I'm deleting the comment above, but want to let you know that I can't contact you privately. You need to enable the setting that allows this.
      • Comment deleted

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          Apr 7 2013: Amfortas, I didn't miss it. It's enabled. I got your email last night. Didn't you receive my reply?
      • Apr 7 2013: John Campbell has made the following argument to conclude that John Hoopes is a TED forum administrator. It is a case study in sloppy thinking and willingness to jump to a conclusion on insufficient evidence.

        He begins with the following premise: "The only way I was able to post a direct link to the TCM Group to my own Wordpress site or any Wordpress site was if I was admin of the site in question."

        And from that premise, he draws the following intermediary conclusion: "Any site that uses Akismet automatically deletes the comment that contains the link to the TCM group."

        And, using the above intermediary conclusion as an additional premise, he draws his final conclusion: "You sir [ie, Hoopes], are an admin on this site."

        But the intermediary conclusion does not logically follow from the premise. It does not follow that just because John Campbell has been unable to post the link to the TCM Group on any Wordpress site that he has tried, and can only post it as an admin on his own site, that any site that uses Akismet automatically deletes the post unless you are an admin. Furthermore, this conclusion is factually wrong. IĀ use Akismet on my own Wordpress site, and I was able to post a comment comtaining the link to the TCM Group using an unprivileged user account.

        So, not only does John Campbell's final conclusion, that John Hoopes is a TED admin, not logically follow from his premises, the premises themselves are not even (all) true.
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      Apr 7 2013: Hoope's an admin. That's why he could post the link. More dirty tricks from TED.
      • Apr 7 2013: Occam's razor applied I would think he is. Or else there are invisibly different classes of users, maybe based on some "sceptic" score. Like, you get 10 anti-woo points for this comment. You get 50 pseudoscience points for your comment. Just speculating.
      • Apr 7 2013: What was erased? We should ensure a save base for this discussion, what about Weiler Psi blog? I like to see the comments that were deleted!

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