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Discuss the note to the TED community on the withdrawal of the TEDxWestHollywood license.

For discussion: http://blog.ted.com/2013/04/01/a-note-to-the-ted-community-on-the-withdrawal-of-the-tedxwesthollywood-license


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  • Apr 5 2013: Nice reply TED. Censorship dealt with. (A peek at the dictionary would have fixed that) Science board delt with. So now you only have conspiracies left. Skeptics win!!!
    • Apr 5 2013: The skeptics hardly won. In censoring two very popular talks TED simply showed themselves to be aligned with a peculiar anti-science movement, and that they will act with the same integrity and decency associated with that movement - ie, none.
    • Apr 5 2013: Funny how the "skeptics" won without debating the authors, articulating their reasons, defending their determinations, or in any way making their thinking transparent. They won simply by having the power and declaring themselves winners. How nice for them. Most of us have to justify our actions when challenged.
    • Apr 5 2013: "Skeptics win!!!"—Leroy Low

      "It's obvious that a skeptic coup has taken place."—Craig Weiler
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      • Apr 5 2013: Debbie, please stick around! See what's happened at Wikipedia? They overran the place and became the thought police. Your voice is needed!
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          Apr 6 2013: Thanks, John. Just because the TED channel will no longer show what we want to see doesn't mean we can't talk about other interesting stuff. I'm hoping Suzanne will have all of the talks from her non-TED event up online so that we can discuss them here. We can talk about what TED didn't want people to see.

          Why not? I started a discussion before, and it wasn't particularly difficult to do.
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        Apr 6 2013: Ms. Gallaghar,
        I was among the earliest ones to get disillusioned about TED. I left TED about more than a year ago and asked TED admin to completely remove my account with all my contribution, which after a point they did. I wrote a blog post titled 'DispuTED?' that explained my point of view. I started joining conversations of TED after they modified their terms of use. Even then I use my facebook account to log in and do not maintain a bio and keep myself ready to leave any day I feel that way.

        I have been following this debate closely. I feel that the TED community will miss someone as free thinking as you.
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    • Apr 5 2013: "Skeptics win!". And that just about sums up the mindset. Knowledge isn't about discovery, it's about winning.
    • pal rao

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      Apr 6 2013: I'm surprised anyone would think this is a "win" rather than a foregone conclusion finally drawn in after being left to dangle in the name of openness. In relying on an anonymous, unaccountable tribunal which gives judgment with no explanation, and whose yea or nea can ruin a program a year in the making just weeks before it is scheduled, shows a contempt for skeptics, and an acceptance of only those uncritical of the shepherding the TED label imposes.
    • Apr 6 2013: This whole affair has concluded with quite possibly the worst possible outcome for skeptics.

      1. The speakers were supposed to be trivialized, but the exact opposite happened.
      2. The Westhollywood event was supposed to be shut down, but now it's happening and has national publicity by being banned by TED.
      3. It was supposed to improve the TED brand, but instead it continues to get dragged through the mud.
      4. The debate which was supposedly about pseudoscience raised a lot of awareness for the unfair way psi is treated.
      5. As an added bonus it raised the profile and influence of the blogger, me, most responsible for reporting on this catastrophe.

      And that's winning?
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        Apr 6 2013: Thanks for keeping people informed through your blog, Craig.

        I don't see this going away anytime soon. A community is being built because of this. Not the community TED was hoping for, but something much better and long overdue.
        • Apr 6 2013: Yes, a community "is being built because of this", Sandy. I can feel it, and I thought Craig's blog entry earlier this week articulated this well. I've been in conversation over the past 3 weeks with people I didn't know, talking about scientists I had never heard ofl. We may be coming from different perspectives and different points of interest, but we have one thing in common for sure, and that's a disgust with the tactics of those who call themselves skeptics. They are the gatekeepers at Wikipedia, and now TED.

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