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Discuss the note to the TED community on the withdrawal of the TEDxWestHollywood license.

For discussion: http://blog.ted.com/2013/04/01/a-note-to-the-ted-community-on-the-withdrawal-of-the-tedxwesthollywood-license


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    Apr 4 2013: This is an important turning point for the TED community. The debate between good science and bad science is not an open and shut case. Rupert Sheldrake has a long track record and so does many people who I assume are invited to speak at TEDx events. What would be more interesting is to let the community decide i.e. by voting the videos up or down on the TEDx website. In the case where an entire event is cancelled, I expect a rigorous debate like this to take place.
    • Apr 4 2013: I agree fully Ramon. The problem being that nobody from TED will really debate the issue officially. Instead they just keep hanging these pages out there and then paying no heed to the vast majority view. Moreover, the only point made by most of those with TED badges under their name (you being a notable and refreshing exception), is that TED can decide whatever it wants to promote and that's that. Yet nobody is disagreeing with that. The issue being discussed is whether TED's decision was the right one. Yet when this is roundly rejected, nobody from TED will stand up and defend it with anything other than name-calling and patently false claims. Thus many now feel there isn't any genuine debate at all but merely a pointless blog and an already made decision/policy the real reasons for which are not on display and certainly not up for debate.
      • Apr 4 2013: TED indeed is paying heed to the vast majority view of TEDx organisers, speakers, attendees and viewers. That's why events like the west holloywood event will not go ahead under the TEDx brand.
        • Apr 4 2013: Well the vast majority you refer to hasn't been in evidence here or in the previous debates over the last few weeks.
        • Apr 4 2013: And apart from this vast majority's lack of presence on these threads, which is self-evident, wouldn't we need some survey data or something?
      • Apr 4 2013: Well some perspective. TEDx is a media organization with over 1 billion views of it's content. This conversation does not even have 50 participants. The vast majority of TEDx organizers, attendees and viewers probably doesn't even know there IS a debate and even if you were to corner them and force the issue three seconds of checking their credulities before dismissing you is likely all the consideration you will get. TEDx staff on the other hand have taken this debate seriously and have put their best and considerable effort into devining the lines between good science, bad science, pseudoscience and "ideas worth spreading" and those that are not.

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        Apr 4 2013: Steve, I'd give you a thumbs up, but TED has disabled that option for me. I wonder what other dirty tricks TED will use in it's failed bid at damage control?
        • Apr 4 2013: Yeah, I keep getting the response that I can't thumbs up someone who is sharing the same internet connection! You, eg, (and about 3 others) are supposed to be sharing the same internet connection with me.
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          Apr 4 2013: Dear Sandy and Steve,
          I also could not give thumbs up today, and got the message that I cannot rate someone sharing the same internet connection.....which, of course, is not the case. No need to get our nickers in a knot....I'm sure it's probably a technical challenge:>)
        • Apr 4 2013: Thanks Colleen, knickers duly untangled.
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        Apr 4 2013: I did send two messages to TED about it, but they haven't answered. It seems rather suspicious that I can thumbs up someone like John, but not you. Almost as if they are trying to manage who gets thumbs up in the conversations now.

        EDIT: You're right Colleen. And it seems to be fixed now. (I just wish I could respond to individual posts, like Colleen's).
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        Apr 4 2013: hehehehehe....

        He hasn't got anything nice to say about TED, so they aren't going to help him out. I'm not sure if he likes anyone or anything.
        • Apr 4 2013: I actually voted up one of John's comments. It was the one where he mistakenly thought Krisztina 'Z' Holly was having a go at TED and criticised her when, unbeknowst to him, he actually supported with what she had said.
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        Apr 4 2013: Yes, I've noticed that he does get confused. hehehehe....

        I guess between editing Wikipedia to say what he wants it to, and making sure no one reads Nature articles he doesn't agree with, John has trouble keeping track of everything.
        • Apr 5 2013: Thanks for the laugh!

          Speaking of Wikipedia, there used to be an article on "alternative history", which was deleted and now redirects to pseudoarcheology. This is what passes for neutral point of view now on Wikipedia. As always, the Talk and History pages are a must read on controversial subjects. You get to see who does most of the writing and how they think.


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