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Discuss the note to the TED community on the withdrawal of the TEDxWestHollywood license.

For discussion: http://blog.ted.com/2013/04/01/a-note-to-the-ted-community-on-the-withdrawal-of-the-tedxwesthollywood-license


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  • Apr 1 2013: I am grateful and very appreciative of your efforts to look out for TED's focus which in turn shows respect for your presenters, attendees and followers...this is specially significant for me because I am a teacher and often play your conferences for my highschool students...your neutral, informative focus works exceptionally well in class since it opens their minds to the infinite possibilities around them...Thanks and much luck, Alexandra
    • Apr 2 2013: Neutral? Opens their minds to infinite possibilities? Shows respect for your presenters?

      By removing talks of scientists with lab evidence? Specifically, why do you think these talks should have been removed?

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