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Are governments interested in keeping us 'dumb'?

Educated citizens are difficult to govern - this is a recurrent argument I've encountered while discussing education with various people.

Do you think it's in a democratic government's best interest to keep its citizens ignorant by maintaining largely outmoded school systems and educational policies, a lack of transparency, or the failure to encourage social and political participation? Or would a democratic government prefer to work with an educated, involved citizenry?


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  • Mar 26 2013: Excellent question......but where is this Democracy you are referring to?
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      Mar 27 2013: Of course it's debatable precisely how efficient democracy is in practice, whether many countries claiming to be democratic truly are and so on. I understand what you mean.

      The reason I referred to democratic governments in my question is that often authoritarian governments do, in fact, want to keep their citizens ignorant for many reasons and have a system in place to achieve that. With democratic governments, if this is indeed the case, it's far less obvious.
      • Mar 27 2013: I understand. No government is required for Self Enquiry......Understanding of the Self.....True Understanding. Ignorance, in today's world, is a Personal, Egoic Choice. Know thyself and all else falls into Place or falls Away. We live in a society where "success" is quantified largely by how much money one has.........that's about as primitive as it gets and it is but a Scratch on the surface of Life. We've ourselves to blame.......change will come out of change in the individual.....not government.

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