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Are governments interested in keeping us 'dumb'?

Educated citizens are difficult to govern - this is a recurrent argument I've encountered while discussing education with various people.

Do you think it's in a democratic government's best interest to keep its citizens ignorant by maintaining largely outmoded school systems and educational policies, a lack of transparency, or the failure to encourage social and political participation? Or would a democratic government prefer to work with an educated, involved citizenry?


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    Gail . 50+

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    Mar 27 2013: Edward Long hit the nail on the head.

    In the USA, students - in their compulsory state-sponsored schools - are taught provable outright lies about their own nation's history as well as how their government is supposed to work. This makes it impossible for the people to fix what is broken, while they beg to be victimized.

    In addition to the overt lies, there are the covert lies - in the form of censorship - where information that all should know is not mentioned. America was supposed to be a country that is "of, by, and for the people" and those skills essential to running such a government are not in the curriculum.

    Furthermore, because the pot-smoking hippies of the 60s and 70s refused to be drafted and objected loudly to an unfair and unjust war - forcing the War in Viet Nam to come to an end in spite of the fact that the government wanted it - pot (a non-addictive drug that makes you loving and sleepy) is now a Schedule I drug - listed as more dangerous than meth, cocaine, and other drugs that actually make people violent.

    There has been a considerable "dumbing down" in America, and as a result, we are now a nation of functionally uneducated sheeple. All who want to keep a people oppressed deny education. The people have become the enemy of the state.

    If people knew how much they don't know, and how they are being used, they would be sick - and no human being who knows what government is doing to them would be able to respect it.

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